First publication [TEIZE ETRANGE] for this strange walk with Felix Mogo who dreams of islands and boats. Flanked of his friend Merlin the bookseller, he wanders of society life in ethyl walks, until he crosses the way of a eplorée young woman, victim of a brutal cargo liner captain. The adventure can start ! Unless it is only one more illusion...

160 pages en bichromie
2001 •
[treize étrange]
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Les Imposteurs

Since the life is a theatre,
why not choose its own role ?

Imposture like an art - an art of living, of course.
Between Africa, Canada and France,
the walk of an enthusiast young man
about young women, old things
and pretty images.

120 pages 2 colors
2002 • éditions
[treize étrange]

Article (French)
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In the urban universe of 40/50's that this new serie of the collection "Un Monde" invests, the disappointing reality is not always looking like the dreams... Dreams of glory, richness, adventures... It is a temptation, then, to endorse a new identity for one night or for a whole existence, even if it means to cheat - a little, a lot, passionately - with the biographical, financial or social contingencies.
On the scene of this theatre where each one holds finally a role, three characters brought together by the chance - Albert, Jenny and their mentor in illusions, Mr Henry - will take a place in the great play of imposture, between lightness and provocation.
HARMATTAN, le vent des fous.
Republication in october 2002 of the "Roman-BD" published by Dargaud in 1997.

What to do when you are a young poor black in New York and a treasure has awaited you for three hundred years in Africa?
Clear lines and dark ideas for this trip with Terry (the American copy of the Felix Mogo of the "Cafe du voyageur" and the "Troisieme the") which wants to make us believe that in the life all finishes well.

140 pages. Black and white.
2002 • Editions
[treize étrange]
After all, if it is only a matter of appearances, the fraud has to be brillant and ambitious - and champagne for everyone!
Inspired at the same time by the jazz, the "Roman Noir" and the sour spirit of the best Hollywood comedies, Christian Cailleaux interprets with talent the circling partition of Les Imposteurs, in an dynamic and elegant style perfectly in the unison with his subject.
All in charming irony, an author not to forget.

The Imposters
3 acts
published in french
by Casterman Editeur - Paris -
2003 / 2005

(ou presque)
Today, at Parc Montsouris, I saw a man who recalled me many adventures and memories. My life is not to the end yet, but since decades I go on, ridiculous, each day, step by step like a few billion of my contemporaries. I survived between them and many of them will survive me. However, only one walks with me (Or escorts me!) after all these years. This is the man I saw at the Parc Montsouris today...

Original text illustrated with sketches.
24 pages full color, 12x16 cm
2003 • Editions
[treize étrange]
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