Invited by the Cultural Service
of the French Embassy in India,
I furrowed India during two months, in December 2004 and January 2005,

from North to South,

from the buttresses of the Himalaya

to the gilded beaches of the Malabars coast...

In each city where I stopped
I animated meetings or workshops with local artists
with the network of the French Alliances in India.

In order
to work on a new publication, I remained
a little more than 4 weeks in Cochin (south-western Coast).

It will carry the title of
Chaï Masala, monologue Hindi .
<< ... Gallery drawings, with a part of the exhibition which currently circulates in the network of the French Alliance in India
Some souvenirs ... >>

I will be again in India in December 2006 to present an exhibition of my work
in New-Delhi, before going to continue the adventure in Chennai.
New images coming soon !